Why book direct?

  • Welcome Drink upon arrival
  • Pre-order services(champagne, bunch of flowers, cake)
  • 1000Ft kedvezmény a masszázsok árából(szabad kapacitás függvényében, a hétköznapi kedvezményes csomagok kivételével))
  • Potential early check-in and late check-out

Hotel policy & rules

  • Guests are requested not to take food and beverages purchased elsewhere into the hotel.
  • Reservation of lounge chairs in the wellness area is permitted only for the period of actual use. You are requested not to cause inconvenience to other guests by means of unnecessary reservation.
  • Smoking is prohibited in enclosed common areas of the hotel. Smoking is permitted only on room terraces, the restaurant’s outdoor terrace and in the designated smoking area near the main entrance.
  • You are expected to wear appropriate clothing during meals. Parents and accompanying adults are responsible for underage children.
  • Guests are allowed to bring small pets (dog max. 20 kg, bird) in the hotel, excluding the restaurant and enclosed common areas, for a fee. Pets should be kept in your guest room or the park area. Their catering is the responsibility of the owner. If you want to bring any other species of animals, you will need special permission from the hotel.
  • For optional and additional services available to guests, please check the brochures in your room.

Privacy policy

  1. Collection and use of personal data
    • Anonymous data
      Browsing our website is free and anonymous. Online visits are recorded only for statistical reasons without a name and any personal data. We only record visitors’ domain name, IP address, computer configuration, browser type, previously visited pages and the duration and date of your visit, which do not reflect visitors’ user profiles, so visitors remain completely anonymous.
    • Use of personal data
      Personal data are required and used only for reservations and newsletter subscription.
  2. Why we collect personal data
    We may request personal data to identify visitors to process bookings. Data provided for newsletter subscription are recorded on our newsletter list on our server.
  3. When we collect personal data
    We may record personal data for reservations and newsletter subscription. Apart from that, you can have a look at our services completely anonymously.
  4. Access to personal data
    Personal data provided by visitors are accessed by our employees to process requests. Your personal data are only used to process your reservation/subscription. Obligation of secrecy also applies after your request is processed. Under obligation of secrecy, our employees are familiar with the rules related to privacy laws and the related penal consequences.
  5. Personal data: your rights
    Data protection laws ensure:

    • Right to information
      According to the Data Protection Act, you have the right to ask for information about your personal data we recorded.
    • Right to object
      According to the Data Protection Act, you have the right to delete or restrict unauthorized data, and to correct inaccurate data, excluding billing and accounting data.
    • Right of rectification
      According to the Data Protection Act, users have the right to restrict access to their personal data for marketing purposes, consumer research or public opinion polls.
  6. Data Protection Laws and other related regulations
    We ensure our visitors that we make all necessary technical and organizational measures to comply with data protection regulations to protect your personal data.
  7. Contact
    Should you have any questions or complaints regarding the data protection/privacy policy of Varga & Family Kft., do not hesitate to contact our privacy manager.