Why book direct?

  • Welcome Drink upon arrival
  • Pre-order services(champagne, bunch of flowers, cake)
  • 1000Ft discount on the price of massages(depending on available capacity, except for daily discount packages)
  • Potential early check-in and late check-out

Spa, wellness

A new indoor Spa services department and composition was opened in december of 2012. with a significantly expanded territory. To the 300 m2 previosly used surface is connected other 180 m2. From which the water surface area is 162 m2. The pools are filled with different mixed and different temperatures of thermal water. The indoor pool provides a constant temperature. The outdoor pool water temperature varies depending on the weather conditions.

Our wellness is disponal to our guests every day from 08.00 a.m – 21.00 p.m.

Services that are included in the room rate:

  • Mixed thermal outdoor swimming pool,
    (15×8 m, depth 120 cm, variable temperature)
  • Multi-purpose indoor swimming pool,
    (42 m2 water surface, 90 cm water depth,temperature 34 °C)
  • Finnische Sauna und Infrarot-Sauna,
  • Aromatherapy sauna and infrared sauna,
  • Aromatherapy steam bath with different tropical theme,
  • Heated benches and kneipp bench,
  • Sun-terasse,
  • Sauna towel (extra charge by change),
  • Safe deposit box in rooms,
  • Tennis court for hotel guest.

Beauty & Personal Care:

Whole body massage with aromatic oil (25 min): 4 500 HUF /person/occasion
Relaxing massage (50 min): 7 900 HUF /person/occasion
Stress relieving massage (40 min): 7 200 HUF /person/occasion
Medical massage (25 min): 4 500 HUF /person/occasion
Foot massage (40 min): 7 200 HUF /person/occasion
Chocolalate massage (50 min): 8 400 HUF /person/occasion
Honey-milk massage (50 min): 8 400 HUF /person/occasion
Facial, neck and décolletage massage (55 min): 7 200 HUF /person/occasion
Eye massage (25 min): 4 900 HUF /person/occasion
Lava Shell massage (50 min): 12 500 HUF /person/occasion
Herbal massage (50 min): 10 700 HUF /person/occasion
Manicure (40 min) 4 500 HUF /person/occasion
Manicure with polishing (60 min) 6 000 HUF /person/occasion
Chiropody (60 min) 5 500 HUF /person/occasion
Chiropody wit polishing (80 min) 7 000 HUF /person/occasion
Japanese manicure (60 min) 5 000 HUF /person/occasion
Rent a bicycle for whole day: 2 500 HUF /person
Rent a bicycle for a half day: 1 500 HUF /person
Rent a bathrobe: 390 HUF /pieces/night
Room air- conditioning: 1 500 HUF /day

Cosmetic services

Our treatments are performed With top quality Helia-D products that are considered an icon of Hungarian cosmetics production. These professional products contain Vitamins, natural plant
extracts (sunflower stem, marigold blossom, extract of plant stem cells), moisturizing plant oils (grape pip, argan, jojoba oil, shea butter).
They are allfree ofartificial coloring, paraben andpetroleum byproducts.

Regenerating treatment with Hyaluron products (80 min): 13 000 HUF
Sour cherry – plum regenerating treatment (80 min) 13 000 HUF
Energizing treatment with Hyaluronic acid (25 min) 7 500 HUF
Sour cherry – plum energizing treatment (25 min) 7 500 HUF
Moisturizing treatment with Tokaji aszú (55 min) 9 500 HUF

INFORMATIONS About the rent of the „relax islands”:

DSC_9193The „relax islands” (ARUBA, BAHAMA, BORA-BORA) by the outside pool can be rent only for a whole day. The period of the rent is the same as the opening hours of the wellness section (from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.).

You can choose from more packages for the comfortable relaxation:

  1. 3 000 HUF /day
    (the package contains only the rent without any consumption)
  2. 6 000 HUF /day
    (1 bottle – 0,7 l – of sweet Asti Cinzano or Cesar Brut champagne and a bowl of fruit for 2 persons)
  3. 10 000 HUF /day
    (The rent will be counted down from the value of the bill of the drinks and foods in our restaurant. On request the drinks can be served at the „relax islands”.)
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