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  • Extra Gutschein im Wert von 30 000 HUF bei Buchung von minimum 2 Nächten(Details zu jedem Angebot)
  • Begrüßungsgetränk bei der Ankunft
  • Weitere Dienstleistungen vorbestellen(Champagner, Blumenstrauß, Kuchen)
  • Massage Rabatt
  • Potenzial früher Check-In und später Check-Out
  • Belenus Plage(März bis Oktober)
  • Einmalige Benutzung von Elektroladestation(für unsere Gäste, die mit eigenem Elektroauto anreisen, bei einer Buchung von mindestens 2 Nächten mit Halbpension oder All Inclusive Angebot)

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Service Provider data
    Company name: Varga & Family Szolgáltató Kft.
    Seat: 8749 Zalakaros, Üdülő sor 4.
    Company registration number: 20-09-06-693
    Tax ID: 13437473-2-20
    EU Tax ID: HU13437473
    Bank account number:
    Oberbank, 18400010-10000513-10121966
    IBAN: HU59 18400010-10000513-10121966 (HUF)
    Bank: Oberbank AG
    IBAN: HU33 18400010-10000513-10122046  (EUR)
  2. General rules
    1. These “General Business Terms and Conditions” regulate the use of the Service Provider’s accommodation premises and the services provided by them.
    2. There are no unique, special conditions included in the General Business Terms and Conditions presented here, but they do not rule out the possibility of making separate agreements with travel agents and organizers, with different conditions in each case, appropriate for the type of the business.
  3. Contracting party
    1. The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Customer.
    2. If the order for the services made to the Service Provider is made directly by the Customer, the Customer is the Contracting party. The Service Provider and the Customer – if the conditions are fulfilled – become the contracting parties (hereinafter referred to as Parties) together.
    3. If the order for the services to the Service Provider is made by a third party (hereinafter referred to as Intermediary) on behalf of the Customer, the conditions of the cooperation are governed by the contract concluded by the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider is not required to examine whether the third party represents the Customer lawfully.
  4. Contractual relationship
    1. The Service Provider provides an offer to Customer’s oral or written request for quotation. Rooms are marketed depending on the available capacity; bookings are confirmed by the Service Provider on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2. The Contract is concluded by the written confirmation sent by the Service Provider in response to the Customer’s written booking, and thus constitutes a contract concluded in writing. An orally submitted booking, agreement, amendment, or the oral confirmation thereof do not constitute a contract.
    3. The contents of the contract encompass: the subject, location, duration, and price of the service. It also includes the conditions of payment, cancellation and amendment.
    4. A written agreement signed by the Parties is required for the amendment of the contract.
  5. The basic services of the hotel
    1. Accommodation service
      Hotel accommodation types:

      1. 1. Superior double room: bedroom with a double bed of 180x200cm, a corner sofa (that can function as an extra bed of 180x210cm when folded out), a telephone, a bathroom with either a shower unit or a bath tub, a separate toilet, towels, bathrobes (if it is included in the package) and a hairdryer, a minibar (alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, potato chips, peanuts, chocolate), internet connection (Wi-Fi), a safe (for an extra fee), individual air conditioning (for an extra fee), and an LCD television set. Each room has a balcony and is south-facing, with a partial view over a garden or a pool. 25 m2
      2. 2. Superior classic room: bedroom with a double bed of 180x200cm, a telephone, a bathroom with a shower unit, a toilet, towels, bathrobes (if it is included in the package) and a hairdryer, a minibar (alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, potato chips, peanuts, chocolate), internet connection (Wi-Fi), a safe (for an extra fee of HUF 200 per day), individual air conditioning (for an extra fee of HUF 1500 per day), and an LCD television set. Each room has a balcony and is south-facing, with a view over a pool. 19 m2

      All rooms are non-smoking, smoking is allowed on the balconies and at the designated smoking areas.

    2. Catering
      1. The hotel provides a buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner for its guests in the stated opening hours. Food or drinks can be taken out of the restaurant only with the prior permission of the restaurant manager.
      2. Special dietary needs can be catered to for an extra fee, after prior consultation
    3. Wellness service
      1. The bath services can be used within the bounds of the house rules of Belenus Thermalhotel***superior. The house rules can be found exhibited at the location.
      2. A prior appointment should be made for the massage, beauty treatment, manicure & pedicure, and resting island hire services. If the services booked are not used, the Service Provider may charge a cancellation fee.
    4. Leisure service
      1. The hotel provides an indoor play area and game room and an outdoors playground (subject to weather conditions) to guests with children.
      2. Parental supervision is advised during the use of the abovementioned facilities and their tools, the hotel does not provide a child care service, and the Service Provider does not assume any liability for damages and accidents occurring at these premises.
  6. Prices
    1. The room prices of the hotel (RackRate) are published on the hotel’s website and at the hotel reception.
    2. The price lists of further services are available at the relevant hotel departments and in the in-room folders.
    3. The Hotel, unless it makes a commitment for a given period, is free to make changes to its published prices without prior notice.
    4. Prices include the legally prescribed rate of the value added tax (VAT) applicable at the time of the offer. Any additional charges incurred due to any amendments to the applicable tax law are transferred by the Hotel to the Contracting party, with prior notification.
    5. The tourist tax is to be paid in cash, on top of the accommodation fee.
    6. Current discounts, special offers, packages and any other offers are published at the www.belenushotel.hu website.
  7. Payment conditions
    1. The Service Provider, except for certain special seasons, does not request upfront payment. It is requested that 50% of the fee of holidays booked for special seasons be paid via a postal cheque or bank transfer in accordance with the ways and conditions laid out in the confirmation, and that a copy of the payment voucher (indicating the name, address, order number, and if a VAT invoice is requested, the tax ID and the billing address) be sent to the Service Provider.
      1. 1. In the case of non-refundable bookings, the Service Provider offers you the option to pay a part or the whole of the costs of the booking (as prescribed by the payment regulations of the accommodation provider) during the booking process, directly to the Service Provider, using a safe online payment option (if your bank supports those). The Service Provider manages the payment of the service through a payment processing company (third party). In this case, the amount to be paid is transferred through the safe system of a third, payment processing party, from your bank card or bank account directly to the bank account of the accommodation provider.
    2. If there are 14-7 days between the booking and the arrival, the deposit is to be paid within 3 calendar days.
    3. If there are 7 or less days between the booking and the arrival, the whole amount is to be paid upon arrival, at the reception.
    4. Payment conditions may be different in the case of special offers, and they are included in the written confirmation of the booking.
    5. If payments are not made, the booking is automatically deleted.
    6. Accepted payment options: Cash, bank transfer, bank card, Széchenyi leisure card
    7. Any costs related to any of these payment options shall be borne by the Contracting party and their SZÉP card/bank card.
      Travel agencies / Tour operators / Online travel agencies / Partners:
      The contract concluded with the Service Provider includes the unique payment conditions.
    8. Gift certificate: The gift certificate may be used only within the period of validity and in the value specified in it, depending on availability. The whole price of the certificate is to be paid in advance. The certificate is not valid beyond the redemption period.
  8. Amending an order
    1. A finalized and confirmed booking may be transferred to a different date, or the contents of the booking may be amended, depending on the available capacity and in accordance with the following conditions:
      • In the case of amendments, any advance payment may be used within the given calendar year, and within a maximum of 90 days.
        Amendment fees:

        • 15 or more days before arrival – free of charge
        • 14-8 days day before arrival – HUF 5,000/room/occasion
        • 8-3 days before arrival – 10% of the total amount of the booking, subject to a minimum of HUF 10,000
        • within 2 days before arrival – 50% of the total amount of the booking, subject to a minimum of HUF 25,000 will be charged
    2. If the amendment affects the amount to be paid negatively (due to a package with a lower price, or a decrease in the number of people in or the length of the booking, etc.) then the amount to be paid will be calculated in relation to the amount of the original booking or order, which, irrelevant of the time of the amendment, may not be less than the difference between the original and the amended amounts.
    3. In the case of unique and special offers, the amendment terms and conditions stated in the offer are applicable.
  9. Cancellation conditions
    1. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking within 24 hours in the case of the erroneous communication of prices, typos or other errors. The confirmation becomes effective after 24 hours. In the case of cancellations sent by the hotel after this period, the order may be deleted as per the same conditions provided to the Customer. The order may be cancelled in writing.
    2. The booking may be cancelled without additional charges within 24 hours of its arrival to the Customer and 15 or more days before arrival. The order may be cancelled in writing.
    3. without obligation to pay more than 15 days prior to arrival
    4. 14-1 days before arrival, 50% of the amount to be paid
    5. in case of non-cancellation or no-show, 100% of the amount to be paid
      1. 2023.01.08-04.07. Cancellation conditions
        1. The booking may be cancelled without additional charges within 24 hours of its arrival to the Customer and 8 or more days before arrival. The order may be cancelled in writing.
        2. without obligation to pay more than 8 days prior to arrival
        3. 7-1 days before arrival, 50% of the amount to be paid
        4. in case of non-cancellation or no-show, 100% of the amount to be paid
    6. If the Contracting party has secured the accommodation service order with the payment of a deposit, credit/debit card guarantee or in any other contractual way, and they do not arrive by 18:00 local time on the day of the arrival or do not send any notice that they would arrive at a later time, the Service Provider charges the penalty fee specified in the contract and Service Provider’s service obligation is terminated.
    7. In the case of unique and special offers, the cancellation terms and conditions stated in the offer are applicable.
    8. Any services booked but not used or amended during the Guest’s stay in the hotel (accommodation, catering, treatments, etc.) cannot be refunded.
    9. The Service Provider may establish differing conditions in a specific Contract for the booking of services with special conditions, group travels or events.
    10. The conditions for the withdrawal of the Contracting party are prescribed by the government regulation in force (45/2014. (II.26)).
    11. We can only accept cancellations in writing if we have received the e-mail or postal address of our hotel.
  10. The manner and conditions of the use the service
    1. The Guest may occupy the hotel room from 14:00 o’clock on the day of the arrival (check-in) and must leave it by 10:00 o’clock in the morning on the last day of the stay (check-out).
    2. The hotel does not accept guests with contagious diseases.
    3. Together with the filled in and signed notification form, the Guest accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the location-specific house rules (hotel, wellness, playgrounds) of the Hotel and is obliged to comply with them. The information necessary during the stay are to be found in the in-room folders in each hotel room. Additionally, the hotel reception is open and available to guests 24 hours of the day.
    4. The Hotel does not assume any liability for injuries incurring due to guests’ fault. The Hotel may charge guests for costs incurred due to intentional vandalism.
    5. Smoking is forbidden throughout the premises of the Hotel.
    6. If the Guest wishes to occupy the room before 09:00 am on the day of arrival, an additional fee will be charged.
    7. A late checkout fee will be charged for departures after 10:00. Details about early checkin and late checkout fees can be found at www.belenushotel.hu .
  11. Pets
    1. Small pets (dogs up to 20kg, birds) can be brought to the accommodation premises of the Service Provider for an extra fee. Pets may be kept in the Guest’s room and in the hotel’s park, may not be taken to the restaurant on any other indoors communal areas, and their owners must take care of and be responsible for them.
    2. In the case of animals of different species and kinds, you must ask for the prior permission on the Hotel.
  12. Refusal to perform the contract, cessation of the service obligation
    1. The Service Provider has the right to terminate the accommodation service Contract without notice, thus refuse the provision of services, if:
      1. the Guest misuses the room and facilities provided to them
      2. the Guest behaves with the security, order, staff of the accommodation premises inappropriately rudely, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or displays threatening, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behavior
      3. if the Guest has a contagious disease.
      4. the Contracting party does not comply with its deposit payment obligation until the specified deadline
    2. If the Contract between the parties is not fulfilled due to force majeure, the contract is terminated.
  13. Reservation guarantee
    1. If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services specified in the Contract due to its own fault (such as overbooking, temporary operation issues, etc.), it is obliged to arrange accommodation for the Guest without delay.
      1. The Service Provider is obliged to:
        1. provide/offer the services specified in the Contract, at the price and for the duration confirmed therein – or until the termination of the obstruction – at another accommodation location of the same or a higher category. Any extra costs incurred due to the provision of the replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider
        2. allow the Guest make a phone call in order to inform any involved parties about the change in the accommodation arrangements, free of charge
        3. provide the Guest with free transport options for the relocation to the offered replacement accommodation location, and for the relocation to the original one if that occurs
      2. If the Service Provider fully meets all of these obligations and the Guest accepted the replacement accommodation option offered to them, the Contracting party may not issue a claim for damages posteriorly.
  14. Illness or death of the Guest
    1. If the Guest becomes ill while using the accommodation service, and they are unable to act on their on behalf, the Service Provider offers medical help.
    2. In the case of the illness/death of the Guest, the Service Provider upholds a claim for cost compensation from the relative or inheritor of the ill/deceased Guest or from the person who pays their bills, with regard to any medical and procedure fees, the cost of the services used before the death, and any damages to the facilities or equipments incurred in relation to the illness/death.
  15. Rights of the Contracting partyi
    1. In accordance with the contract, the Guest is entitled to the appropriate use of the room booked and of the facilities of the accommodation location that constitute a part of the general scope of services and are not subject to special conditions.
    2. The Guest may file complaints with regard to the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the duration of the stay at the accommodation location. The Service Provider undertakes to manage complaints issued to them in writing with a verification of the issuance (or recorded by them) during this period.
    3. The Guest loses their right to issue a complaint upon their departure from the accommodation location.
  16. Obligations of the Contracting party
    1. The Contracting party is obliged to pay the price of the services ordered in the Contract, until the deadline and in the manner specified in the contract.
    2. The Guest ensures that any children under the age of 18 that are under their responsibility may stay in the Service Provider’s hotel only under the supervision of an adult.
    3. The Guest is prohibited from bringing their own food or drinks to the premises of the hotel.
  17. The Contracting party’s liability for damages
    The Guest is liable for any damages and disadvantages that the Service Provider or a third party incurs as a result of the fault of the Guest, their companion, or other persons under their responsibility. The Guest is responsible to pay the damages caused by them to the Service Provider (such as extra cleaning: from a fee of HUF 25,000, gross). This liability exists even if the Parties damaged demand the restoration of the damages directly from the Service Provider.
  18. The rights of the Service Provider
    If the Guest does not fulfill their obligation to pay the fee of the services ordered in the Contract but eventually not used that are subject to a penalty, the Service Provider is entitled to a lien for the personal possessions of the Guest that they have taken to the hotel, to insure the Service Provider’s claims.
  19. The obligations of the Service Provider
    The Service Provider is obliged to:

    1. perform the accommodation service and other services ordered in the contract in accordance with the applicable regulations and service standards
    2. investigate the Guest’s written complaint and take the necessary steps to remedy the issue, with the obligation to make written records thereof
  20. The Service Provider’s liability for damages
    1. The Service Provider assumes liability for all damages that the Guest incurs within their facilities due to the Service Provider’s or its staff’s fault.
    2. The liability of the Service Provider does not extend to any damages incurred due to an unavoidable cause that is outside the circle of the Service Provider’s employees and guests, or that were caused by the Guest themselves.
    3. The Service Provider may designate areas within the Hotel that the Guest may not access. Any damages or injuries incurred at such locations are outside the scope of the Service Provider’s liability.
    4. The Guest must report the damage they incurred to the Hotel immediately and must provide all the data to the Hotel that are necessary for the clarification of the circumstances of the incident or are necessary for a police report / police procedure.
    5. The Service Provider is responsible for any valuables, securities, and cash only if they have specifically undertaken to guard them.
    6. The Service Provider does not assume any liability for personal items left in the Service Provider’s communal areas or rooms (including the things and objects left in the room safe).
    7. The Service Provider does not assume liability for any valuables left in cars parked in the Service Provider’s car park. The Service Provider investigates any damages incurred by the parked vehicles, and if the damages occurred due to negligence attributable to the Service Provider, it reimburses those damages.
    8. The maximum amount of the compensation is fifty times the daily room price specified in the Contract, unless it is less than that.
  21. Consumer protection, data protection
    1. The Service Provider handles the issue of the protection of personal data with special importance. It handles the personal data provided to it in compliance with the legislations in force at all times, it ensures that they are safe, and it takes the technical and organizational steps and establishes the procedural rules that are necessary for complying with the applicable laws.
    2. The Service Provider summarizes its guidelines on data protection in a separate document of Data Protection Rules, makes its contents constantly available on its website, and expresses its consent to be bound by its content.
    3. Professional supervision rights are exercised over the service activities of the Service Provider by the notary public of Zalakaros and the Zala County Government Office.
    4. There is a camera system in operation on the hotel premises, the recordings of which serve the security of property and of individuals. We handle and store the recordings of the camera system in compliance with the applicable laws.
  22. Confidentiality
    The Service Provider, during the performance of its obligations specified in the Contract, is obliged to act in compliance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of public interest, the provisions of the applicable laws on data protection, and – if the Contracting party discloses those to the Service Provider – in accordance with the applicable internal rules of the Contracting party.
  23. Force majeure
    Any cause or circumstance (such as: the occurrence of war, fire, flood, power outage, strike) over which the party has no control (force majeure) exempts any party from fulfilling their contractual obligations as long as this cause or circumstance can be shown to exist. The parties agree that they do everything in their power to limit the likelihood of the occurrence of these causes and circumstances to the lowest level possible, and to redress any damages or delays brought about by this as promptly as possible. Unexpected illnesses do not constitute a basis of force majeure in the event of cancellations.
  24. The laws applicable to the legal relationship of the parties and the court seised
    The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting party is governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. Any legal disputes derived from the service contract shall be conducted by the court competent at the place of the service.


15 July 2017, Zalakaros


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